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The Nexus Program is excited to announce we’ve moved into our own office space. Visit us at 3299 Woodburn Road, Suite 400, Annandale, VA, 22003.

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Support services provided by the Nexus program expand the options available to newly diagnosed or People Living with HIV giving them the benefit and flexibility of receiving HIV-related care in a medical setting of their choosing – a  private infectious disease, primary care or specialist practice. Your doctor can refer you to Nexus and based on your eligibility you may enroll in the appropriate support services to supplement your medical treatment and help you achieve and maintain viral load suppression.


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Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Special Notice to Customers, Physicians, and Community Partners

In order to best protect the health and safety of our customers and staff we will follow guidelines as ordered by the Centers for Disease Control and the Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Some steps that are currently being taken include:

  • In person appointments have resumed, office hours are 8:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday
  • All clients and employees are asked to wear a mask during appointments
  • Virtual visits are still available on and as-needed basis using phone or video technology
  • If you are being negatively impacted by COVID-19 we are here to help. Call your Case Manager at 703-639-0558

If you have any questions or need any support, please reach out to Nexus Program staff. Take care of yourselves and each other.

Stay safe,
Jennifer Zoerkler-Morgan

COVID-19 Information for People Living with HIV
Information for people living with HIV to stay healthy and prevent COVID-19.

  • Download/view COVID-19 fact sheet formatted for print.
See More about COVID-19

Staying Healthy with HIV

People living with HIV, especially those with low CD4 counts, may be more likely to experience severe illness or complications from COVID-19. Ask your provider if you do not know your CD4 count.

You have the power to take control of your HIV health and keep your immune system strong.

  • Take you HIV medications daily as prescribed. The Nexus Program can help you stay on track with your treatment and refer you to support services based on your unique circumstances.
  • Keep your HIV medical and lab appointments. If you are undetectable, it’s important to have at least one lab and HIV medical appointment a year. If you aren’t yet undetectable, you may need more frequent appointments.
  • Keep a healthy lifestyle. Eat nutritious foods, get at least 8 hours of rest every night, and exercise for 30 minutes daily and reduce your stress as much as possible.

Prevent COVID-19

wear a mask, keep your distance, wash your hands, avoid crowds, stay home if sick

Do I Have COVID-19?

  • Contact your health care provider and get tested.
  • Continue taking your HIV medications as prescribed.
  • Get emergency medical care immediately if you have severe symptoms.

Vaccine Information

All people living with HIV are recommended to receive a COVID-19 vaccine regardless of CD4 count or viral load. Talk to your health care provider if you have questions or concerns about whether getting a COVID-19 vaccine is right for you.

Vaccine Facts

  • Vaccines for COVID-19 are safe and effective

  • The vaccines were tested with people living with HIV

  • People living with HIV get priority vaccine appointments

Scheduling a Vaccine Appointment

In Virginia, everyone aged 16 and older is eligible to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

Find a vaccine appointment:

If you have a hard time finding an appointment that works for you through the vaccine finder online, you can visit the Virginia Statewide Pre-Registration System to pre-register for a priority appointment. Your local health department will call you within a week to schedule your appointment.

Mental Health

Many people are experiencing sadness, loneliness, anxiety, or stress because of COVID-19. The Nexus Program can help you find a mental health provider.

Or call/ text a confidential and free support line, VA COPES at:

  • 877-349-6428
  • Monday – Friday 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.
  • Saturday & Sunday 5 p.m. to 9 p.m.
  • English or Spanish

For More Information

Nexus: Expanding Treatment Options Since 2016

Nexus is a growing program that began in 2016 in partnership with Infectious Diseases Physicians (IDP), a single-specialty practice dedicated to the treatment of individuals with HIV infection in Northern Virginia. Since 2016 two additional Infection Disease practices have signed formal agreements to participate in the Nexus program and the Nexus customer population has increased from 32 to more than 100 clients. We will continue to work on expanding our network of providers.

 Nexus Benefits

The Nexus program of VHO serves low-income HIV-infected individuals who receive their outpatient medical care from non-Ryan White medical providers. If you are eligible to participate in the Nexus program you may have access to Ryan White funds that will will pay for:

  • The development of an individualized service plan to help you effectively manage your health and reach and maintain viral load suppression
  • Support services like mental health screenings and emergency food assistance that are aligned with your individualized service plan
  • Help enrolling in appropriate health insurance and education on how to effectively use your health insurance benefits
  • Some health insurance premiums, co-payments and deductibles
  • The Ryan White Program is a “payer of last resort” program that exists to provide coverage, care, and treatment, for those who have no other source of coverage or face coverage limits.”


There are three criteria for eligibility for the Nexus program. If you meet these criteria, the next step is to Connect With Nexus.

Nexus is a program of VHO.

To Qualify For Nexus:


  1. You must be HIV+.
  2. You live in the state of Virginia, Maryland or District of Columbia
  3. Your household income at or below 500% of the Federal Poverty Level.

Federal Poverty Level (FPL) Calculator

We Are Here to Help

What People Are Saying

Our practice was looking for a community partner, with whom to support the care of individuals with HIV. We needed an agency with experience working in the medical field, especially in the areas of access to insurance plans and case management of individuals with social and financial needs. We found the perfect fit and have enjoyed our collaboration with VHO. Together we created the Nexus Program, with expanded access to care for individuals with HIV throughout Northern Virginia.

David Wheeler, MD
Infectious Diseases Physicians